• Edvation x Summit 2019

    November 4−5 , 2019

    Tokyo, JAPAN

  • About the Conference

    With exponential evolution of digital technologies, we are facing the era ofIndustry 4.0 (4th Industrial Revolution)

    accelerated by AI, IoT and manycutting-edge technologies. Innovation in every aspect of industries, structures,rules and regulations is inevitable.
    We feel that education is no exception and have been promoting EdTech.

    As anext step to drive it further, we are hosting a global conference focused oneducation and human resource development with industry leaders and people ineducation sector.

    The conference introduces advanced cases and diversesolutions and startups. Our purpose is to showcase companies and services, to
    facilitate discussions and communities, to give kids cutting-edge innovativeexperiences and to cultivate next generationʼs leaders in technology.


    Masahiro Sato
    Chairman, Association of Innovative Education
    Founder, EdTech Japan

  • Tickets

    ーTicket categories and prices are as below.ー

    2-Day pass + Party (Both days)  → ¥13,000

    Please fill the form and the category of the ticket. Your name will be used for the registration and issue for the ticket (We will check names in the form instead of purchaser’s name)


    ※ In case the purchaser and participant are different, we will need to check your IDs at registration. If we are not able to identify both purchaser and participant, we may not allow you to enter the conference. Also, you must not be registered under other people’s names.

  • Purpose

    This event is a global conference that you can experience diversified educational solutions, including advanced examples of domestic and overseas specialized in education and human resource development fields, and ventures.
    1.To know the options of the new education
    2.To create educational innovators that are not bound by established concepts
    In order to fulfill these objectives, not to be a transient event, In addition to the exhibition, we will make it an active conference that emphasizes discussion and community, Children who will be responsible for the next generation will also create a place to experience the most advanced innovation.

    Last year, 2,000 people came to this event and learned about the new education options, In addition, we were able to take a big step in our activities of creating a new educational innovator.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in this event.

  • Event Overview

    Tokyo becomes an innovation hub for 2 days. International and domestic innovators exchange their ideas and network.

    ■ Date November 4-5, 2019. 9am-5pm

    ■ Place Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo (Nagata-cho and Kojimachi areas)

    ■ Ticket 13,000 JPY for 2 days

  • Target Audience

    Education and public institutions


    ●School board

    ●Parents and students

    ●Early childhood education

    ●Life-long education

    ●Special education

    ●University / research institution

    ●Local government

    ●Policy makers



    ●HR / corporate training

    ●New business development


    ●After / cram schools, correspondence services


    ●VC / investors



  • Conference

    Global EdTech trends from SXSW EDU 2019

    Julia Shatilo(SXSW EDU Conference Programming Manager)

    Transforming Education in the Cloud

    Samuel Harris(AWS)

    In this session, we will explore the possibilities and cases of using Amazon Web Services to provide innovation in Education. Online learning, future skills, gameified learning and leveraging AI for improved student outcomes will be showcased as well as details of support programs to support the education community.

    Innovation in Education

    Dr. Simon Leung(NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited Vice Chairman)

    Dr. Simon Leung, a seasoned technocrat and devout educator. Simon has spearheaded industry leading IT and telecommunications giants in the Asia Pacific region for over 30 years. From overseeing the growth of Motorola Asia Pacific Limited to numerous strategic achievements of Chairman and CEO of Microsoft’s Greater China Region.

    A New Style of Learning

    Stuart Miller(Google for Education Head of Marketing Asia Pacific)

    Just as an ICT Ecosystem is critical to the new learning guidelines in Japan, the style of learning itself should also change. Let us consider how ICT can be used to help students develop the skills they truly need. We will look at evidence-based use cases from Google for Education as we think about this.

    Coding Education for Every Student

    Leandra Tejedor(Cofounder and CPO of Vidcode)

    As computer programming becomes an increasingly important, and required, subject area, how can we ensure that students are learning to code in a relevant and engaging way that connects to their everyday lives? How can we create a computer science pathway for students that’s inclusive and impactful? Coding is an essential skill for all students today, but not every student sees the impact learning to code can have on their life. In this session, we will explore approaches to computer science education that create measurable learning outcomes, and that engage every student in active computational thinking through relevant, creative coding projects.

    The True AI-driven Education

    Arthur Shen(CDO of iTutor Group)

    How we make personalized online education possible with AI for every learner to have the best learning experience and the most effective learning result.

    The Best Age to Learn a Language Is When You Need It!

    Frith Maier(Founder, Native English Institute)

    This talk will focus on: - new research related to adult language learning - Frith's personal journey re-learning Japanese (her 4th language) after age 50 - recommendations for language "maintenance" - her company's experience training Japanese professionals to use English for global communications in their work. Speaker's BIO: Frith Maier is a lifelong language learner and successful serial SaaS entrepreneur. She is Founder and CEO of Native English Institute (NEI). NEI’s technology creates a relevant content stream for each subscriber. Clients include major pharmaceutical, medical device, IT and consulting companies. NEI has been featured in Nikkei Shimbun and other media.

    Southeast Asia's Burgeoning EdTech Landscape

    Mike Michalec(Managing Director, EdTech Asia)

    Connecting the dots in education tech transformation: China and the Globe

    ・Vince Chan(Co-Founder, Creta Ventures & Chicago Booth Angels Network)
    ・Dr. Simon Leung(NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited Vice Chairman)
    ・Arthur Shen(CDO of iTutor Group)

    China-based education companies have played impactful roles in driving education tech transformation at home and aboard. Two major innovative forces — NetDragon Websoft and iTutorGroup — through different products, strategies and technologies, have built their own success stories. How do they manage risks and turn them into opportunities in China? What are the lessons learned in their respective growth paths from China to the world? We will find out their answers in the 30-min session moderated by global education market expert.

  • EdTech Global Ecosystem

    The conference is a member of

    “Asia EdTech Week”, an international collaborative initiative to connect global edtech communities and to showcase the “Now & Next of EdTech”. We also have other distinguished international partners such as SXSWedu and

    edtech Asia to introduce global trends.

  • Map

    ・Kioi Conference center (1-4 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
    ・Chiyoda Kojimachi Junior High School (2-5-2 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


    From here if there is any questions or registering for a media pass