• Edvation x Summit 2018

    November 4−5 , 2018

    Tokyo, JAPAN

  • About the Conference

    With exponential evolution of digital technologies, we are facing the era ofIndustry 4.0 (4th Industrial Revolution)

    accelerated by AI, IoT and manycutting-edge technologies. Innovation in every aspect of industries, structures,rules and regulations is inevitable.
    We feel that education is no exception and have been promoting EdTech.

    As anext step to drive it further, we are hosting a global conference focused oneducation and human resource development with industry leaders and people ineducation sector.

    The conference introduces advanced cases and diversesolutions and startups. Our purpose is to showcase companies and services, to
    facilitate discussions and communities, to give kids cutting-edge innovativeexperiences and to cultivate next generationʼs leaders in technology.


    Masahiro Sato
    Chairman, Association of Innovative Education
    Founder, EdTech Japan

  • Purpose

    This event is a global conference that you can experience diversified educational solutions, including advanced examples of domestic and overseas specialized in education and human resource development fields, and ventures.
    1.To know the options of the new education
    2.To create educational innovators that are not bound by established concepts
    In order to fulfill these objectives, not to be a transient event, In addition to the exhibition, we will make it an active conference that emphasizes discussion and community, Children who will be responsible for the next generation will also create a place to experience the most advanced innovation.

    Last year, 2,000 people came to this event and learned about the new education options, In addition, we were able to take a big step in our activities of creating a new educational innovator.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in this event.

  • Event Overview

    Tokyo becomes an innovation hub for 2 days. International and domestic innovators exchange their ideas and network.

    ■ Date November 4-5, 2018. 9am-5pm

    ■ Place Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo (Nagata-cho and Kojimachi areas)

    ■ Ticket 13,000 JPY for 2 days

  • Target Audience

    Education and public institutions


    ●School board

    ●Parents and students

    ●Early childhood education

    ●Life-long education

    ●Special education

    ●University / research institution

    ●Local government

    ●Policy makers



    ●HR / corporate training

    ●New business development


    ●After / cram schools, correspondence services


    ●VC / investors



  • Edvation x Summit Speakers - 2018

    Daisuke Asano

    METI, Director, Education Service Industries Office

    Daisuke Inada

    atama plus Inc. CEO

    Daizaburo Taniyama

    CEO, STOPit Japan Co.,Ltd.

    Fumihiro Yamaguchi

    President and Representative Director, Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd.

    Gaku Nakamura

    CEO, RareJob, Inc.

    Genki Jinno

    CEO, COMPASS inc.

    Greg Rosenbaum

    SXSW EDU General Manager

    Hideki Yamamoto

    DREAM PROJECT SCHOOL Co-Founder and Representative Director and President

    Jo Inoue

    Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President CTO

    Julia Petchey

    Zspace Director, Educational Technology

    Kazunori Sato

    Developer Advocate, Google Cloud, Google Inc.

    Keigo Takeuchi

    Informatics chief teacher

    Kevin H. Johnson

    Udemy CEO

    Kozo Hino

    The principal and the Director of Meihokan High School



    studioAFTERMODE Co., Ltd. Representative Director&CEO /CHISOU-GAKUSHA Principal /Future of Liberal arts Labo Senior Fellow

    Maeda Kamari

    Katamari Inc. CEO/Tugumi General Incorporated Association

    Kyoko Omi


    Masahiro Fukuhara

    IGS CEO/Keio University Project Professor

    Makoto Matsura

    G-experience, LLC

    Makoto Sakamoto

    Teachers x Technology. Director Imani elementary school. Curriculum cordinator

    Masaki Goto

    Representative Director, Codetakt Co. Ltd.
    IPA Certified Super Creator


    Masaki Komagata


    Masako Wakamiya

    iOS App developer / Cabinet Office Life 100 Years Conference Committee Member

    Okawa Kosuke

    NIHON University Mishima Senior High School / Junior High School

    Paul Hunter

    Director, Digital Learning, IMD, International Institute for Management Development

    Pitor Feliks Grzywacz

    Chief Executive Officer Pronoia Groupd Inc.

    Sachiko Nakajima

    steAm, Inc. CEO, Jazz Pianist/Mathematician

    Seiko Koike

    Group Leader, Education Market, Japan Marketing, Adobe Systems Co., Ltd.

    Sydney Johnson

    EdSurge Inc. Asst. Editor, Higher Ed

    Taira Akimot

    Teachers × Technology president Momoi1elementary school chief teacher

    Takahiko Yunokawa

    SuRaLa Net Co.,Ltd.

    Takako Kitamoto

    Ranunculus Inc CEO



    KADOKAWA DWANGO educational corporation N-highschool. Vice-principal

    Takeshi Inui

    Kindai University High School ICT Education Department Chief

    Takeshi Izuka

    Kirirom Institute of Technology president

    Tatsuya Nomoto

    Z-kai Inc. ICT Business Division, Marketing Section, Manager

    Tomoyuki Sugiyama

    Digital Hollywood University / President

    Tony Wan

    EdSurge Inc. Managing Editor

    Toshitada Sakawa

    SAKAWA CO.,Ltd. Executive director

    Tsutomu Togasaki

    Superintendent of Education, Toda-City Board of Education

    Vu Van

    CEO and cofounder of Elsa

    Wenshan Xu

    SkillsFuture Singapore, Deputy Director

    Yasunobu Hashimoto

    President, SoroTouch

    Yu Nakane

    KADOKAWA DWANGO educational corporation

    Yuichi Kudo

    Chiyoda Ward Kojimachi Junior High School Principal

    Yuichi Yokohama

    SHOTOKU GAKUEN JUNIOR & SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CISO and MANAGER, Information Systems&Technology Dept.

    Yuka Watanabe

    International STEM Learning Association / FabLab Kamakura representative / Part-time lecturer, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University

  • Tickets

    ーTicket categories and prices are as below.ー


    【Early bird】2-Day pass + Party (Both days) *Available until 9/30 → ¥11,000
    2-Day pass + Party (Both days)  → ¥13,000

    Please fill the form and the category of the ticket. Your name will be used for the registration and issue for the ticket (We will check names in the form instead of purchaser’s name)


    ※ In case the purchaser and participant are different, we will need to check your IDs at registration. If we are not able to identify both purchaser and participant, we may not allow you to enter the conference. Also, you must not be registered under other people’s names.

  • EdTech Global Ecosystem

    The conference is a member of

    “Asia EdTech Week”, an international collaborative initiative to connect global edtech communities and to showcase the “Now & Next of EdTech”. We also have other distinguished international partners such as SXSWedu and

    edtech Asia to introduce global trends.

  • Map

    ・Kioi Conference center (1-4 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
    ・Chiyoda Kojimachi Junior High School (2-5-2 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


    From here if there is any questions or registering for a media pass